Driver Control Center

General Information

An all in one lightweight application that updates drivers, and installs new drivers for the hardware currently in the system

Technical Overview

Driver Control Center will update existing drivers, check for drivers for hardware that doesn't currently have a driver installed and hardware that just has a default driver installed (for example VESA for graphics drivers) and download these missing drivers. The drivers will be downloaded from existing on-line repository's like Sourceforge and for Microsoft Windows Microsoft Update. The hardware present and the drivers currently installed will be found using third party tools, such as CPU-Z for the processor, and operating system - based tools such as Device Manager on Microsoft Windows. Driver Control Center will be able to run from the terminal/command line, allowing from batch scripts and cron jobs.



Please go to download. Currently only the initial design idea images and initial design ideas Java source code can be downloaded, but a public alpha is currently scheduled for March 5th 2009, a beta for April 20th 2009, a release candidate for May 20th 2009 and a final release of version 1.0 on June 20th 2009. Of course, all these dates would be much closer if I had any help coding, designing etc, so read the next section. This roadmap can be publicly found on 30boxes at, or if you are a member of the Driver Control Center project on BaseCamp (see next section), it is avaliable on there.


Please join the project at the sourceforge project page ( Once you have joined at sourceforge, please optionally email me at so I can add you as a user to the BaseCamp site. Please also say in that email whether you want to be designer, debugger, coder etc. Please also make sure to omplete the UI survery at


Many thanks to Sourceforge for the project hosting and distribution